Before the Frost

Michael Noer | 105min | Danmark

  • År: 2018
  • Språk: Danska
  • Text: Engelsk
  • Originaltitel: Før frosten
  • Svensk Premiär

Danska storstjärnor i ett mörkt drama om en fattig bonde som under svältåren på 1800-talet hamnar på kollisionskurs med sin egen moral.

Bonden Jens (Jesper Christensen) värld är i gungning och som ett tecken på sin dalande ställning har han fått överge sin gamla plats i kyrkan. Därtill väntas det bli än värre ställt så snart vintern anländer. I syfte att rädda sig och de sina undan svält och nöd börjar han förhandla med den rika storbonden Gustav (Magnus Krepper), men deras uppgörelse ska komma att få svåröverblickbara konsekvenser. Festivalbekanta regissören Michael Noers Before the Frost är ett ytterst gripande och välskrivet drama med en imponerande Jesper Christensen i huvudrollen.

Möt regissören Michael Noer i ett publiksamtal efter visningen den 30/1.

- Tobias Åkesson


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Michael Noer

Regissör: Michael Noer

Born in 1978, Denmark. Graduated from the National Film School of Denmark, 2003.
Award-winning director Michael Noer's first feature film R (2010), co-directed by Tobias Lindholm, and the documentaries Vesterbro (2007) and The Wild Hearts (2008) has marked him as one of the most talented directors of his time. R (2010) won top awards at Göteborg and Mumbai plus several accolades at the two top annual Danish awards ceremonies Bodil and Robert. For their work on the film, Noer and Lindholm received the Nordisk Film Award in 2010 and the Carl Th. Dreyer Award in 2011.

The movie is Jesper Finks and my attempt to reinvent the period drama by treating it like a hard-boiled genre movie - a dark moral western - about survival and anguish - referred to as an intermediate between Pelle Erobreren and Breaking Bad directed with the same documentary nerve as my other feature films. The movie takes place somewhere in the countryside in the middle of the 19th century at a small Danish peasant family. Here harsh circumstances reigns and with the prospect of yet another tough winter, the farmer Jens (Jesper Christensen) faces an unbearable choice. If the family is to survive the winter, he must settle an agreement with the rich farmer at the nearby farm and forsake his own moral and the most precious he owns, in an effort to secure them all a better life. I’m the father of two young children, so I know that the limit for how far parents will go for their child is infinite. At the same time, I also feel how quickly you get ambitions on behalf of your children - but are they in fact my dreams or in my child’s best interests? In this way, I reflect myself in Jens’ motives and dreams, but I also think that the film relates to its contemporary time, by telling about our past - as we live in a time of cultural collisions, where it often becomes a question about them and us, Danes and immigrants. But it’s not necessary to look far back into the history books to find arranged marriages as a normal part of the Danish everyday life - in a world where it was necessary to survive before being able to live - and where a marriage not only tied two people together, but whole families.

René Ezra, Matilda Appelin, Tomas Radoor
Jesper Fink, Michael Noer
Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Adam Nielsen
Jesper Christensen, Clara Rosager, Magnus Krepper, Elliott Crosset Hove, Ghita Nørby
Regissörens filmografi:
  • (selection)2017 Papillon, Feature; 2015 Våga älska, Feature; 2013 Nordvest, Feature; 2010 Son of God, Doc; 2008 De vilde hjerter, Doc; 2007 Vesterbro, Doc; 2006 Jorden under mine fødder, Doc.
Før frosten