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Arthur de Pins, Alexis Ducord | 78min | Frankrike, Belgien

  • År: 2017
  • Språk: Franska
  • Text: Svensk
  • Svensk Premiär

Äkta zombies och vampyrer gör sitt bästa för att låtsas vara utklädda diton på spektakulära nöjesparken Zombillenium i fartfylld adaption av Arthur de Pins tecknade serie.

Den storslagna nöjesparken Zombillenium svävar i fara när publiksiffrorna viker. Vad publiken inte vet är att parkens ruskigt utklädda personal i själva verket är äkta varulvar, zombies och vampyrer som gömmer sig undan myndigheterna under nöjesparkens täckmantel. När en ofrivillig arbetsmiljöinspektör upptäcker vad som i själva verket försiggår och hotar att avslöja hemligheten bryter helvetet lös, bokstavligt talat. Animatören Alexis Ducord gör en finurligt ironisk adaption av Arthur de Pins franska succéserie, som en svart humoristisk variant på en Pixarfilm där skämten i en replik riktas mot tioåringen, i nästa mot hens föräldrar.


- Olle Agebro


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Arthur de Pins was born in 1977. He gained recognition thanks
to several animated shorts. He has also worked as a graphic creator
and director on several animated series. In addition to his activities in animation and television series, he is also a well-known illustrator and author of three series of graphic novels: "Péchés Mignons" (Cute Sins, or Peccadillos) "The March of the Crab", and "Zombillenium".

Alexis Ducord is a French graphic artist specialist in storyboarding
for animation (Un Monde Truqué – April and the Extraordinary World)
After graduating from Les Gobelins animation school in 2000,
he worked on over twenty animated series like [Lucky Luke] (France Télévision), and more recently [Milly Miss Question] (France 5) as well
as commercials. Very talented technically, he has also
done the editing and animation on all his own projects,
and also, in 2013, on a series created by [Jul, Silex and the City] (Arte). Since 2010 he has been working mainly on full-length films.

Arthur de Pins: Zombillenium, with its monsters and everything evokes my childhood, my adolescence. What’s more, Francis the vampire park director was inspired by my father. I drew loads of monsters between the ages of twelve and fifteen, and it was a way of having imaginary friends who would transport me to another realm. I went to a very tough school, in a pretty bad environment. That’s what the monsters mean to me. The comic strip that comes out in Spirou targets the 8-to-12 age group, it’s perfect. Maybe in a way it’s my revenge. I mean all the teachers who told me to stop drawing monsters. “You see! I’m still drawing them and the kids love it!” So, it’s was obvious that it had to be for all ages, and that age group, above all. When I received the Youngster’s Prize in Angouleme awarded by a jury of 8-to-12 year olds, you can’t imagine how that felt! That’s what keeps me going in comics.

Arthur de Pins

Arthur de Pins

Alexis Ducord

Alexis Ducord

Henri Magalon
Alexis Ducord, Arthur de Pins
Benjamin Massoubre
Mathieu Monnaert, Éric Neveux
Emmanuel Curtil, Alain Choquet, Kelly Marot, Alexis Tomassian, Mathieu Monnaert
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Regissörens filmografi:
  • Arthur de Pins: 2005 L'eau de rose, Anim; 2004 La révolution des crabes, Anim, 2000 Géraldine, Anim. Alexis Ducord: 2009 Sally Bollywood, Anim; 2008 Fêlures, Anim.