What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire?

Roberto Minervini | 123min | Italien, USA, Frankrike

  • År: 2018
  • Språk: Engelska
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  • Originaltitel: What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire?
  • Nordisk Premiär

Göteborgsfavoriten Minervini är tillbaka med en mästerligt berättad film om svarta amerikaners kamp för rättvisa i den amerikanska södern.

Efter Stop the Pounding Heart (GFF 2014) och The Other Side (GFF 2016) fortsätter Roberto Minervini nu sin imponerande svit om människor i det amerikanska samhällets marginal. Vi möter barägaren Judy som kämpar för att hålla familj och vänner ovanför ytan, både ekonomiskt och emotionellt; bröderna Ronaldo och Titus vars barndom präglas av gängkriminalitet och våld; och aktivisterna i De nya svarta pantrarna som driver sin egen utredning om ett mord med Ku Klux Klan-koppling. En brännande och angelägen film som har vunnit flera tunga festivalpriser.

- Johan Blomqvist


tisdag 29 januari


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Roberto Minervini

Regissör: Roberto Minervini

Roberto Minervini is an Italian-born film director, who lives and works in the US. After completing a Master’s Degree in Media Studies at The New School University in New York City in 2004, he moved to the Philippines to teach Documentary Filmmaking at a University level. In 2007, he moved to Texas, where he directed three feature films.

My hope is that this film can facilitate a much-needed discussion on race and the current plight of African Americans who, now more than ever, are witnessing the intensification of hate crimes and discriminatory policies. Because, like Judy said to me: “After Katrina we lost it all, but if you care about us, we still have a lot left to give.” During the main shoot in 2017, I concentrated all my efforts on working with four main characters/contexts: Judy and her large family, two young brothers named Ronaldo and Titus, Chief Kevin of the Mardi Gras Indians, and the Black Panthers. Judy tries to keep her family afloat while dealing with the looming shutdown of her bar business and her 87 year-old mother’s eviction, both results of the ruthless gentrification of traditionally black neighborhoods. Ronaldo and Titus try to make sense of their mother’s teachings, while waiting for the release of Ronaldo’s incarcerated father. The revolutionary Black Panthers conduct investigations to uncover the truth behind racially-motivated killings in Louisiana and Mississippi and stage demonstrations to protest police brutality.

Paolo Benzi, Denise Ping Lee, Roberto Minervini
Roberto Minervini
Diego Romero Suarez-LLanos
Marie-Hélène Dozo
Judy Hill, Dorothy Hill, Michael Nelson, Ronaldo King, Titus Turner, Ashlei King, Kevin Goodman
The Match Factory,
Regissörens filmografi:
  • 2015 The Other Side, Doc; 2013 Stop the Pounding Heart, Doc; 2012 Low Tide, Feature; 2011 The Passage, Feature.
What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire?