Five Continents


Ravneet Sippy Chadha | 99min | Kenya

  • År: 2018
  • Språk: Engelska, Swahili
  • Text: Engelsk
  • Originaltitel: Subira
  • Internationell Premiär

Tonårstjej som älskar att simma gör uppror mot traditioner och ett mansdominerat samhälle i Sippy Chadhas känslostarka debutfilm.

Subira älskar att simma med sin pappa fiskaren, och stränderna på den lilla kenyanska ön Lamu är häpnadsväckande vackra. Men när pappan plötsligt dör får hon inte simma längre. Den konservativa modern vill att hon ska bli en respektabel fru som behärskar hushållssysslorna till fullo. Trots att Subira sedan gifter sig med den progressive Toufiq försvinner varken hennes längtan eller hennes problem. Regissören Sippy Chadha har utvecklat sin mångfaldigt prisvinnande kortfilm med samma namn till ett engagerande drama om en kvinnas kamp för att få följa sina drömmar. Subira är producerad med stöd av Göteborg Film Festivals filmfond.

Möt regissören Ravneet Sippy Chadha i ett publiksamtal efter visningarna den 26/1, 27/1 och 28/1.

- Jonas Holmberg


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Ravneet Sippy Chadha

Regissör: Ravneet Sippy Chadha

Ravneet Chadha has been in the film industry since 2008. She started with a short film Subira that she wrote, produced and directed. It won 15 International Awards, including a selection at Cannes. She also produced Emmy Award winner Kibera Kid in 2009 amongst other shorts. Subira feature film is her debutante film.

The story of SUBIRA comes from a place of deep personal experience for the director, Sippy Chadha. I recall that while growing up as a girl, in a traditional family in India, my entire life was laid out in front of me. I must behave a certain way, look a certain way, marry into a certain family, have children, in that order. There wasn’t any significance given to my unique sense of self. In fact, my unique self -expression was not allowed. Girls must “Obey” to be considered “Good”. The ultimate goal of a woman was to aspire to keep a good home. Yet, I felt a murmuring in my heart that said, I was meant for greater things. As I came of age, I started to get offers of marriage, as is our custom. This was my deepest fear. I saw marriage as a trap. I had seen many of my cousins go through marriage, giving up their dreams and becoming totally domesticated. When it was my turn to get married, I did go through an arranged marriage and came to Kenya in a matter of weeks. In this journey, I found the courage to confront my demons and take on my greatest fears. The society, my in-laws in Kenya, were no different from their Indian counterparts. I can say Kenya became the land of my redemptions as I took on my fears. In my deepest fears I found my largest freedom. Filming Subira has been my dream, having the whole world see my point of view. Being accepted into international film festivals is part of that dream goal. The Indian Nobel laureate for literature in 1913, Rabindra Nath Tagore said, “We live as prisoners of our own worlds, creating amicable environments so we are able to live there forever. Can we not quietly become aware of our limitations? To have the courage to transient them, to live from a freedom within?” My work as a filmmaker is to expand consciousness such that we may break through our own limitations and live from a sense of aliveness.

Vibeke Muasya, Ravneet Sippy Chadha
Ravneet Sippy Chadha
Talib Rasmussen
Roselidah Taabu Obala, Terry Kelly
Nami Melumad, Rajab Suleiman, Kithara
Brenda Wairimu, Tirath Padam, Nice Githinji, Melvin Alusa, Chantelle Winnie, Abubakar Mwenda
Kaaya Films,
Regissörens filmografi:
  • 2009 Tick Tock, Feature; 2008 Subira, Short; 2008 Charcoal Traffic, Feature; 2007 Kibera Kid, Feature.