Monrovia, Indiana

Frederick Wiseman | 144min | USA

  • År: 2018
  • Språk: Engelska
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  • Originaltitel: Monrovia, Indiana
  • Nordisk Premiär

Dokumentärlegenden Frederick Wiseman bjuder på mästerligt bildberättande när han zoomar in på vardagsliv och ideal i Donald Trumps småstads-Amerika.

Med över 40 dokumentärer i bagaget och en karriär som sträcker sig över sex decennier fortsätter Wiseman (som fyllde 89 nyligen) att leverera fantastiska filmer. Efter festivalfavoriter som Boxing Gym (GFF 2011), In Jackson Heights (GFF 2016) och superhyllade Ex Libris (GFF 2018), lämnar han nu storstadsbruset för småstaden Monrovia. Utan direkt politisk agenda är det naturligtvis ändå ingen slump att Wiseman nu vänder sin kamera mot Mellanvästern, det konservativa USA:s hjärta. Här möter han de vanliga medborgare som tagit Trump till makten.

- Johan Blomqvist


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Frederick Wiseman

Regissör: Frederick Wiseman

Since 1967, Frederick Wiseman has directed 42 documentaries—dramatic, narrative films that seek to portray ordinary human experience in a wide variety of contemporary social institutions. His films include TITICUT FOLLIES, HIGH SCHOOL, WELFARE, JUVENILE COURT, BOXING GYM, LA DANSE, BALLET, CENTRAL PARK, BALLET, LA COMEDIE FRANCAISE, BELFAST, MAINE, and EX LIBRIS – The New York Public Library. He has directed a fiction film, THE LAST LETTER (2002). His films are distributed in theatres and broadcast on television in many countries.
Wiseman also works in the theater. The French publisher, Gallimard, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York, jointly published the book, Frederick Wiseman, which offers a comprehensive overview of his work through a series of original essays by distinguished critics and artists. Wiseman has won numerous awards, including four Emmys. He is also the recipient of the Career Achievement Award from the Los Angeles Film Society (2013), the George Polk Career Award (2006), the American Society of Cinematographers Distinguished Achievement Award (2006) and the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement from the Venice Film Festival (2014). In 2016, he received an Honorary Award from the Board of Governors of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He was a Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard University in 2018.

I thought a film about a small farming community in the Midwest would be a good addition to the series I have been doing on contemporary American life. Monrovia, Indiana appealed to me because of its size (1,063 residents), location (I have never shot a film in the rural Midwest) and the shared cultural and religious interests within the community. During the nine weeks of filming the residents of Monrovia were helpful, friendly and welcoming and gave me access to all aspects of daily life. Life in big American cities on the east and west coasts is regularly reported on and I was interested in learning more about life in small town America and sharing my view.

Karen Konicek, Frederick Wiseman
John Davey
Frederick Wiseman
Zipporah Films,
Regissörens filmografi:
  • (Selection) 2017 Ex Libris: The New York Public Library, Doc; 2015 In Jackson Heights, Doc; 2014 National Gallery, Doc; 2013 At Berkeley, Doc; 2011 Crazy Horse, Doc; 2010 Boxing Gym, Doc; 2002 The Last Letter, Feature; 2001 Domestic Violence, Doc; 1997 Public Housing, Doc; 1988 Missile, Doc; 1984 The Store, Doc; 1975 Welfare, Doc; 1974 Primate, Doc; 1970 Hospital, Doc; 1967 Titticut Follies, Doc.
Monrovia, Indiana

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