Focus: Nordic Comedy

Iron Sky The Coming Race

Timo Vuorensola | 93min | Finland, Tyskland, Belgien

  • År: 2019
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Text: Svensk
  • Originaltitel: Iron Sky The Coming Race
  • Internationell Premiär

Dinosaurier, nazister och Iphone-fundamentaliser drabbar samman i fullsmockad uppföljare till kultklassikern Iron Sky.

Efter att ha gömt nazister på månens baksida i Iron Sky är historierevisionisten och kultkonnässören Timo Vuorensola tillbaka med ett hektiskt actionäventyr som kastar oss från yttre rymden till jordens medelpunkt. Kärnvapenkriget mellan mänskligheten och mån-nazisterna har gjort jordytan obeboelig. De kvarlevande människorna sätter istället sitt sista hopp till en mystisk kraft i jordens inre – det enda som står i vägen för mänsklighetens överlevnad är ett gäng fundamentalistiska Steve Jobs-lärjungar samt ett uråldrigt reptilfolk och deras dinosauriearmé. Med underbar ironisk humor levererar Vuorensola allt vi Iron Sky-fans har längtat efter (inklusive en Hitler ridande på en T-Rex).

Möt regissören Timo Vuorensola i ett publiksamtal efter visningen av Iron Sky The Coming Race den 25/1.

- Olle Agebro


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Timo Vuorensola

Regissör: Timo Vuorensola

Timo Vuorensola (b. 1979) is a Helsinki-based Finnish film director, actor, and musician. He is best known for Iron Sky (2012) and Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005), both of which have earned cult classic status among science fiction fans. Iron Sky won the Silver Me?lie?s and Audience Award at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and was in official selection in film festivals such as Berlinale, Moscow Film Festival, and Karlovy Vary.
As a filmmaker, Vuorensola is a pioneer in crowdfunding of films and including fans in the filmmaking process. A self-taught filmmaker, Vuorensola has one of a kind visions and style, and his dark and comedic sci-fi films have no direct comparison among Finnish films.
Vuorensola is currently directing two big international co-productions for Iron Sky Universe: Iron Sky: The Coming Race (World Premiere January 16th, 2019) and The Ark – An Iron Sky Story, also expected to be out in 2019.

During its’ six years of production, Iron Sky The Coming Race became more than a movie to me – like a hungry dinosaur, it devoured me. I was still recovering from the previous seven year long rough ride with the first Iron Sky, when the ideas for the second part started to sprout in my mind. I could have used a little vacation, truth be told, but it’s hard to relax when your head is steaming with new ideas. I just had to put them on paper, and eventually, on the big screen. The vision for the movie started to form as I started to list things I loved. Indiana Jones - style adventures, dinosaurs and a clean-cut story that rolls on like a steam train. With these elements in mind, I started to put together the story for Iron Sky The Coming Race in the Spring of 2013. Yet, I had no idea what kind of a ride it would turn out to be. I wanted to tell a story with an atypical trio as its’ core: a girl, who’s used to make it by herself, without help from anyone, rebelling against her mother; a Russian pilot stumbling on his own, bloated ego; and a fighter with golden retriever mentality. To cross the t’s and dot the i’s, I got Udo Kier to sign up not to one but two roles for the film. I also wanted to take a step back from the dark and hopeless world of the first Iron Sky, and introduce a brand new environment – the lush, green Inner Earth bustling with life, where the sun shines constantly. I knew I needed some serious special effects knowhow about creating the creatures – the dinosaurs – and after meeting Pixomondo, I was confident they could pull off my vision. It would be a lie to tell you that the production was easy, but I could trust that producer Tero Kaukomaa was able to handle the ever-expanding production stress, while I was creating my insane visions on the big screen. We locked ourselves into a green-walled studio complex in Belgium in the end of 2015, and in our closed world made the movie, which we believed would come out the following year. It didn’t. Nor did it come out the year after that. The production was halted for nearly two years, but even this cloud had a silver lining: during our production pause, we were able to work on the edit of the movie, shoot some additional footage and hone our visual effects to top notch shape. The film that we eventually finished is an entertaining, action-packed scifi flick with a touch of sociopolitical criticism and good dose laughs directed at itself. Timo Vuorensola

Tero Kaukomaa
Andreas Drost, Dalan Musson, Timo Vuorensola
Mika Orasmaa
Jan Hameeuw, Joona Louhivuori
Tuomas Kantelinen, Libach
Lara Rossi, Vladimir Burlakov, Kit Dale, Tom Green, Julia Dietze, Edward Judge, Martin Swabey, Emily Atack, Udo Kier, John Flanders, Stephanie Paul
Iron Sky The Coming Race

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