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Vuslat Saracoglu | 96min | Turkiet

  • År: 2018
  • Språk: Turkiska
  • Text: Engelsk
  • Originaltitel: Borc
  • Internationell Premiär

En man i Istanbul låter sin sjuka granne flytta in i sin trånga lägenhet. Frågor om godhet ställs på sin spets i denna nyansrika turkiska prisvinnare.

Tryckeriarbetaren Tufan är en vänlig man som bor med sin fru och dotter i Istanbul. När han inte kämpar med räkningarna skrattar han med dottern framför barnprogrammen. Eller räddar en skadad kråka. En natt blir en granne sjuk och läkaren rekommenderar att hon inte längre bör bo ensam. Tufan hyser medlidande med den äldre kvinnan som inte har någon familj att vända sig till. Han låter henne flytta in, men hans vänlighet sätts på prov. Finstämt och avskalat pejlar Vuslat Saraçoglu in den turkiska mentaliteten när hon undersöker idén om plikt och godhet utan krav på gengäld. Utsågs till bästa turkiska film på Istanbul Film Festival.

- Niclas Goldberg


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Vuslat Saracoglu

Regissör: Vuslat Saracoglu

Vuslat Saracoglu graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a degree in Sociology and International Relations. In 2010, she attended the Directors Across Borders section of the Yerevan Golden Apricot Film Festival and the Talent Campus of Sarajevo Film Festival. Her film and literary reviews have been published in various magazines.

If we were to ask "what is beeing a bad seed?", I presume that the majority of the society which I live in, would consider the ones who don't look after their parents when they grew old. It is not a coincidence that in some Turkish films from the past, archetypes were created, who sent their parents to nursing homes, while crashing on poker tables with a whisky glass in their hand. Are a children really obliged to look after their own parents? Many would say "yes, of course". Furthermore, even asking the question can be regarded as a taboo. Questions such as, "couldn't a parent do more evil to his/her child, than a stranger?" or "isn't it possible for a child to not spend any given day inside a gloomy room, next to a sick person", wouldn't come to mind in the first place. Tufan is one of these individuals. A "normal" person who embraces the traditions and values of the dominant culture. Most of his reactions, like in the case of facing these sample questions above, could be defined as instinctive. Just as if he was installed with a mechanism which produces standart, fabricated, memorised emotions or anger. His goodness is likewise. His good behaviours which don't require any will or particularity, stays within the frontiers framed by the society, yet these make him feel great about himself. However, grey zones where standardized reactions fall short, do exist. Tufan is a person who finds himself on a path where his supposedly sacrificial behaviours are tested, and them being driven away by his hypocrisy and inconsistency, seems inevitable. Casting a glance towards experiences as such, provides ground for thinking of the overwhelming notion of goodness, creating scapegoats, being righteous just because you are on the side of the powerful, all imposed almost religously by the dominant culture. For these reasons, "Debt" matters much to me.

Vuslat Saracoglu
Vuslat Saracoglu
Meryem Yavuz
Naim Kanat
Erdem Ergun
Serdar Orcin, Ipek Turktan Kaynak, Ruchan Caliskur, Ozan Celik, Beyti En- gin, Feridun Koc, Ulku Aybala Sunat, Oyku Sevinc
Streç Fillm,
Regissörens filmografi:
  • 2013 The Children of Muslum Baba, Doc; 2011 Cacaphony, Short.