Ash Is Purest White

Jia Zhangke | 136min | Kina, Frankrike, Japan

  • År: 2018
  • Språk: Kinesiska
  • Text: Engelsk
  • Originaltitel: Jiang hu er nv
  • Svensk Premiär

Mästerregissören Jia Zhangke fångar den kinesiska kapitalistiska samhällsutvecklingen i ett intensivt gangsterdrama om en kärlekshistoria som spänner över 18 år.

Smågangstern Bin har gjort sig ett namn med sin spelhåla i en förfallen industristad i norra Kina. Han avgudas av spelhajarna, och hans tjej Qiao är beredd att göra vad som helst för honom. När Bin dras in i ett bråk med ett rivaliserande gäng är det Qiao som drar pistolen, och det är också hon som tar det påföljande fängelsestraffet för Bins skumma affärer. Det som följer är en uppslitande kärlekshistoria som utspelar sig över decennier, om ett Kina som rasar in i kapitalismen och om två personer i en värld som förändras snabbare än deras känslor för varandra.

- Olle Agebro


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Jia Zhangke

Regissör: Jia Zhangke

Jia Zhang-Ke was born in Fenyang, Shanxi, in 1970 and graduated from Beijing Film Academy. His debut feature Xiao Wu (1998) won prizes in Berlin, Vancouver and elsewhere. Since then, his films have routinely premiered in the major European festivals. Still Life won the Golden Lion in Venice in 2006, A Touch of Sin won the Best Screenplay prize in Cannes in 2013 and Mountains May Depart was in competition in Cannes 2015. Several of his films have blurred the line between fiction and documentary. He has also produced films by many young directors, and has made cameo appearances in films for other directors.

The Chinese word “Ernü” (“Sons and Daughters”) connotes men and women who dare to love and hate. On the other hand, “Jianghu” (literally “Rivers and lakes”, but it’s hard to capture the real meaning in English) conjures up a world of dramatic emotions, not to mention a world of real dangers. When you put the two words together, the title evokes people who dare to challenge the mainstream and people who live by the morality of kindness and enmity, love and hatred. That Chinese title almost says it all. The couple in the film live on the margins of society. They survive by challenging the orthodox social order. I didn’t set out to defend them, rather to empathize with their predicament. It reminds me in some ways of the first decade of my career, when it was risky to make films expressing one’s true self and truths about society. So I threw myself into writing the script as if I was writing about my own emotional journeys: my lost youth and my fantasy about the future. To live, to love and to be free.

Shozo Ichiyama, Nathanael Karmitz
Jia Zhang-ke
Eric Gautier
Mathieu Laclau, Lin Xudong
Lim Giong
Zhao Tao, Liao Fan, Xu Zheng, Casper Liang
Regissörens filmografi:
  • 2015 Mountains May Depart, Feature; 2013 A Touch of Sin, Feature; 2010 I Wish I Knew, Doc; 2008 24 City, Feature; 2007 Useless, Doc; 2006 Still Life, Feature; 2006 Dong, Doc; 2004 The World, Feature; 2002 Unknown Pleasures, Feature; 2001 In Public, Doc; 2000 Platform, Feature; 1998 Xiao Wu, Feature.
Jiang hu er nv