• Swedish premiere
  • Nordic Light
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The Quiet Migration

  • Malene Choi
  • 102 min
  • Denmark
  • 2023
  • Fiction
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Alienation is a constant presence in a visually compelling rural drama where inner emotions are given physical form.

19-year-old Carl, having finished school, has returned to his adoptive parents' farm in the Danish countryside. Here, life goes on as usual, and daily routines have long been established according to the needs of the livestock. For the parents, it is taken for granted that their son will one day take over the farm, but for Carl, who has South Korean roots, country life is a completely different experience than for them. Inside him grows a need to connect with South Korea, but when the opportunity to travel there arises, it is just as quickly closed off. Malene Choi's (The Return, GFF 2018) second feature film is a convincing and powerful portrayal of the experience of living as an adopted individual in an all-white community, where isolation and barely concealed everyday racism are part of existence.

- Tobias Åkesson

Danish, English, Korean
Original title
Stille Liv
  • Landsbygd
  • Familj
  • Drama
  • Övernaturligt
  • Rasism
Malene Choi
Maria Møller Kjeldgaard
Malene Choi, Marianne Lentz, Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen
Louise McLaughlin
Malene Choi, Sofie Steenberger
Cornelius Won Riedel-Clausen, Bjarne Henriksen, Bodil Jørgensen