• International premiere
  • Voyage
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Quiet Freedom

  • Wendla Noelle
  • 90 min
  • Germany
  • 2021
  • Fiction
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Rolf Lassgård dazzles in German in painful debut about a married couple who must handle the existential crisis that comes with aging and disease.

When Erik, who is active and eager to work, retires from the German university, the plan is that there will be more time for marital life, which still remains intimate – even physically. At least his wife Judith thinks so. But Erik cannot handle being shut away inside the walls of the home. When his wife’s MS greatly worsens, at the same time as he himself runs into vague health issues, life quickly falls apart. The newly pregnant daughter Sarah lives in Malmö, entirely too far away to be able to help, or to even be informed. Wendla Noelle does not shy away from what hurts and allows no one to be a victim in this debut where love, promises, responsibility and duty are pitted against personal freedom. Lassgård and Dagmar Manzel perform at Oscars level.

- Camilla Larsson

German, Swedish
Original title
Ein grosses Versprechen
  • Drama
  • Kärlek
  • Åldrande
  • Försoning
Wendla Noelle
Greta Lorez
Nikolai von Graevenitz
Rune Schweitzer
Max Schneider , Nina Müller
Wolfram Koch , Rolf Lassgård, Anna Blomeier , Dagmar Manzel
Pluto Film,  info@plutofilm.de