• Nordic premiere
  • Voyage
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Last Shadow at First Light

  • Nicole Midori Woodford
  • 109 min
  • Singapore, Japan, Slovenia, Philippines, Indonesia
  • 2023
  • Fiction
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Incredible cinematography in a supernatural family mystery about a thirteen-year-old girl who seeks the truth and can see into the world of the dead.

Ami is a teenager in Singapore who listens to cassette tapes of her deceased mother's voice. Her father has told her that her mother Satomi is dead, but the daughter doesn't believe it. And one day, Ami finds a letter describing what happened. Satomi was Japanese and traveled to her hometown during the tsunami disaster in Japan, where both her parents died. With the help of her uncle, who lost his wife in the same disaster, Ami travels to the area. She has a special connection with the departed, and it becomes a very emotional journey in the valley of the shadow of death, filmed in Rikuzentakata, a city nearly obliterated by the 2011 tsunami. Nicole Midori Woodford is a debut director who has dared to tackle one of the most difficult questions: Why do I get to live when the others died?

- Freddy Olsson

Chinese, Japanese, English
Original title
Last Shadow at First Light
  • Drama
  • Övernaturligt
  • Familj
  • Roadmovie
  • Kontemplation
Nicole Midori Woodford
Tomohiko Seki, Shozo Ichiyama, Jeremy Chua, Bostjan Virc
Nicole Midori Woodford
Hideho Urata
Daniel Hui, Nicole Midori Woodford
Alenja Pivko Knezevic
Masatoshi Nagase, Mihaya Shirata, Mariko Tsutsui, Peter Yu