• Swedish premiere
  • Visionaries
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Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

  • Ph?m Thiên Ân
  • 178 min
  • Vietnam, France, Spain, Singapore
  • 2023
  • Fiction
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After a tragic traffic accident, Thien travels to the countryside with his orphaned nephew in a vivid odyssey that was awarded as the best debut film at Cannes.

Thien's sister-in-law dies in the motorcycle accident while her five-year-old son Dao survives. The reticent Thien takes care of the child and brings his sister-in-law's remains to her hometown. There, he also stays for a few days to pray for her soul with her relatives. But he also meets his former girlfriend Taho, who has dedicated her life to taking care of orphaned children in a monastery school. Thien himself is an agnostic, but the meeting with Taho is stirring, and he begins a searching journey, where he also tries to find Dao's missing father. It is a stirring cinematic journey, which has made Thien An Pham, a debutant Caméra d'Or winner, already compared with the great masters.

- Freddy Olsson

Vietnamese, English
Original title
Bên trong vo kén vàng
  • Drama
  • Kontemplation
  • Roadmovie
  • Identitet
  • Religion
Ph?m Thiên Ân
Jeremy Chua, Marie Dubas, Ka Nguyen, Adrià Monés Murlans, Gabriel Kaplan
Pham Thiên Ân
Dinh Duy Hung
Pham Thiên Ân
Lê Phong Vu, Nguyen Thinh, Nguyen Thi Trúc Quynh, Vu Ngoc Manh
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