• Nordic premiere
  • International Competition
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Do You Love Me?

  • Tonia Noyabrova
  • 90 min
  • Ukraine, Sweden
  • 2023
  • Fiction
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Emotionally intense and stunningly beautiful Ukrainian coming of age story set against the backdrop of a family's and the Soviet Union's parallel collapse, to the tune of Bananarama.

17-year-old Kira is growing up in a well-off cultural family and planning a future as an actress. It's 1990, and her adult life is about to take off when she makes a discovery that shatters the image of her beloved director father and sends her own family down the same path as the collapsing Soviet Union. Tonia Noyabrova's partially autobiographical film is a meticulous study of an era, filled with period-specific details and environments. With all the emotions coursing through a lost young woman leaving childhood behind but also leaving behind everything she took for granted. That Karyna Khymchuk is a discovery in the role of Kira is evident from the very opening scene of the film, perfectly accompanied by Bananarama's superhit "Venus."


Ukrainian, Russian, English, Latin
Original title
Ty mene lubysh?
  • Drama
  • Familj
  • Uppväxt
  • Politik
  • Samhälle
Tonia Noyabrova
Anastasiia Bukovska, Danylo Kaptyukh, Nikita Bukowski
Tonia Noyabrova
Vilius Machiulskis
Tamuna Karumidze
Karyna Khymchuk, Maksym Myhayilychenko, Natalia Lazebnikova, Oleksandr Zhyla, Daria Palagnyuk, Andriy Shabanov
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