• World premiere
  • Focus: Another Intelligence
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Another Persona

  • 85 min
  • Sweden
  • 2024
  • Fiction
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Another Persona is an AI-generated version of Persona where Alma Pöysti interprets Liv Ullmann's character Elisabet Vogler.

Ingmar Bergman's Persona revolves around nurse Alma, who cares for actress Elisabet Vogler in a secluded summer house. Persona is the most acclaimed film in Swedish film history and one of the world's most discussed and influential films due to its revolutionary aesthetics, superb actors, and radical exploration of technology, identity, and acting. Today, AI technology sheds new light on these themes, and to provide new perspectives on the film's questions, Göteborg Film Festival, in collaboration with SF Studios, Gothenburg Film Studios, and the Ingmar Bergman Foundation, presents an AI-generated version of Persona. Alma Pöysti has created a character sketch of Elisabet Vogler, which, through AI technology, replaces Liv Ullmann's original portrayal. This cinematic experiment will be screened only this one time, exclusively during Göteborg Film Festival.

* The AI team behind Another Persona are Paul Blomgren DoVan, producer, Henrik Svilling, Face Tool Operator and Daniel Lägersten, CEO, from Gothenburg Film Studios.

- Jonas Holmberg

Swedish, English
Original title
Another Persona
  • Identitet
  • Teknologi
  • Film om film
Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Alma Pöysti