Focus seminar: Another Intelligence

Focus seminar: Another Intelligence

Over the past year, it has become clear that new AI technology will reshape the world of cinema. During an exclusive seminar day, we will discuss this new intelligence from artistic, philosophical, and technological perspectives.

The day is presented in collaboration with Göteborg&Co and Zenseact.

13.00—13.30 Another Persona – the actors
In the new version of Ingmar Bergman's Persona, Alma Pöysti presents an AI-processed reinterpretation of Liv Ullmann's iconic portrayal of Elisabet Vogler. Who is actually acting in Another Persona? What does the new technology mean for the art of acting? Join Alma Pöysti in a conversation about art, method, and technology with Nanna Blondell, an actress who early on played a hubot in the series Real Humans.

13.30—13.50 Another Persona – technology and creativity
How is it done to replace one actor with another? Paul Blomgren DoVan, producer, Henrik Svilling, Face Tool operator, and Daniel Lägersten, CEO, from Gothenburg Film Studios, will share their work and unique method.

13.50—14.20 Lecture: Manthia Diawara
Manthia Diawara is a film director and professor of film and literature at New York University. He is currently at the festival with the film AI: African Intelligence (p. 58), where he draws parallels between AI and Senegalese spirit rituals in a thought-provoking reflection on technology, politics, and colonialism. Language: English.

14.20—14.30 Break

14.30—15.00 Who Controls Intelligence?
The development of artificial intelligence will have far-reaching consequences for culture, society, and the workforce. What is intelligence really, and how should humanity interact with this new form?
Panel: Manthia Diawara, director and professor. Sara Wrige, priest in the Swedish Church and doctor of technology in physics, Veronika Nihlén, communications manager, at Zenseact that works with deep learning and computer vision for the car industry.
Moderator: Emanuel Karlsten, journalist and lecturer.
Language: English.
In collaboration with the Swedish Church.

15.00—15.20 Experiences from About a Hero
Meet producer Mads Damsbo behind About a Hero, a film written by Kaspar Hauser, an AI programmed to imitate the legend Werner Herzog. Mads explores the questions this process has raised, his experiences, and the potential impact on the film industry that the incorporation of AI in the creative process can have.
Language: English.

In cooperation with Kulturakademin.

15.20—16.00 Creative Perspectives on AI
What is creativity, what is authenticity, and what does it mean if an AI can generate ideas and create art in the same way as humans? How does it affect the audience and society?
Panel: Mads Damsbo, creative producer, Jennifer O’Meara, Associate Professor in Film Studies at the University of Dublin, and participant in a research project titled "From Cinematic Realism to Extended Reality: Reformulating Screen Studies at the Precipice of Hyperreality."

Moderator: Emanuel Karlsten, journalist and lecturer.
Language: English.